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970 Montée-de-Liesse, Suite 306

Saint-Laurent, QC  H4T 1W7



Tel: (514) 903-3999

Fax: (514) 564-3331

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Many types of Business Insurance products are offered at Assura Bien Inc., such as:


  • Business Insurance - Owning your own business is a big responsibility. Call us to get your business liability insurance as well as basic coverage on your buildings and content. Aim to protect yourself well against all kinds of damages; such as equipment breakdown, cost of repair, loss due to power failures, etc.


  • Retail and Wholesalers Insurance - We offer insurance to companies of various business fields, among which are beauty salons and accounting firms. Your specific needs are important to us. Our brokers are ready to offer you an insurance coverage plan that is specially destined to you!

  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance*- Your good driving habits can now work to your advantage! Save up to 25% on your commercial vehicle insurance premium.

  • Trucking/Fleet Insurance*– Tracking your fleet has never been easier! My Fleet Solution offered by Intact Insurance is a highly efficient, cost-effective method to manage your fleet operations.

  • Surety Bonds Insurance – If you are in the contracting business, this type of product can guarantee that your surety bonds will be protected. Insurance coverage for both contractors' bonds as well as licence and permit bonds is available.



  • Manufacturing Insurance - As an owner of a manufacturing business, you surely face unique challenges on a daily basis. We offer specific coverage plans that are tailor-made for you, such as protection against power failures, professional fees, exhibition floaters, and more.

  • Garage Insurance - Your business is centered around taking care of your customers' vehicles. No matter which type of business you have, whether you deal with vehicle storage, sales, maintenance or repair, we can offer you protection against potential damages that may occur. 

  • Professional Liability (E&O) Insurance We offer insurance protection that will suit your own profession or firm, whether you are a travel agent, a chiropractor, an accountant, a management consultant, or a mortgage broker. Call us to get an insurance estimate for your respective field, whatever it may be. 

  • Bloc Apartment Insurance - To all apartment building owners, look no further. If you are the proud owner of 7 units or more of an apartment building, then you will need this type of insurance to set your mind at ease.

  • Event Insurance - What better way to enjoy your special day than guaranteeing that you are fully covered in the event of potential damages? No matter what type of party you are planning, allow us to take care of the insurance part.


* For more details on savings and promotions, feel free to contact our office at any time: (514) 903-3999. 
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